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Reducing Barriers To Create Easy Access To Resources and Funding Information

Glenn Gear Inua Sea Can Installation

The Inuit Art Foundation recognizes the many barriers Inuit Artists face when trying to grow their art career. We’ve launched this Portal to try and make it easier for artists to access and understand resources that are available.

  • Low Bandwidth - If you’re in the North, where the internet can be unreliable, this Portal functions in low bandwidth, and videos have transcripts and accompanying articles with them.
  • Funding - We also have first hand experience the impact that funding has on an artists’ career, and how overwhelming and confusing it can be to apply! We have gone through the many grants available to artists all over Canada, and filtered them in an easy to access way. Many artists have told us how they were unaware of the grants available to them. We have about 200 grants on this Portal from multiple funding bodies. Log in and check out everything available to you!
  • Workshops - DQAP is a cup brimming to the rim with dedicated resources for Inuit artists. Dedicated workshop series to career development, (such as the Ilisarniq series with Inuit Futures) material and skill learning (De-ICE-Olation series with Inuit Futures), and in depth conversations between artists across the circumpolar North (Conversations series with the Smithsonian) can all be found in one easy place in DQAP. Each event has its own dedicated page where members can view the workshop/event itself, transcripts of the video and additional related materials and articles.
  • Professional Opportunities - Maybe you’re not looking for funding, but professional opportunities. Our rolling blog, updated every two weeks, will show relevant opportunities such as Job Postings, Residencies, Calls for Submissions, and Commissions. 

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Connect With Other Artists And Expand Your Knowledge

A great way to grow your career is to create relationships with other artists who have experienced or are experiencing the same things as you. When you sign up as a member for the Portal, there is an option to be “open to connect” with other artists on different subjects. Connect with an artist in your community who might know where to get a specific material that you’ve been looking for, or someone who has applied for a grant successfully who is willing to give you tips, or create a collective with others working similarly to you! Log in now to start connecting. 

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Stay in the Loop

We invite you to explore the richness and variety of what Inuit art has to offer through hundreds of artist biographies on the IAQ Profiles, catching up on the latest with the IAQ Online, browsing past editions of the IAQ and signing up to the IAF newsletter to receive Inuit art news and artist profiles directly in your inbox. Artists can subscribe to IAQ for only $5 a year!

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“Platforms and organizations that support Inuit artists, like the Inuit Art Foundation, are what make what we do possible, and it gives us fuel and a desire to continue to do it, because you see that people are appreciating it. I've been in probably six exhibitions since I started photography in 2018. And I really don't think that would have been possible without the recognition of the Inuit Art Foundation of my photography. They were some of the first ones that helped support me…That got me wanting to do it more.”
Eldred Allen
Eldred Allen Artist Portrait