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5 Minutes Up Close with Billy Gauthier’s Carvings

Sep 21, 2020
by Kara Montague

While Billy Gauthier was carving this piece, I was helping with sanding as his carving apprentice. I got to see The Hunter’s Tools created from scratch. It's easily my favourite piece that I've watched him create. I find it's directly linked to Nunatsiavut because so much of our lifestyle involves hunting and fishing, and people continue to still use those tools. It inspires me to celebrate our culture and eat the food we have always eaten: fish and seal. I feel really proud because that belongs to my people and me and they continue to represent us—they are not just a part of the past.

I love Billy's work so much because of the teeny tiny things that he makes. There's the knife, there's the dart and there's the gun, all made from different materials. And peering over it all, you have this beautiful face that he's carved. The faces are what I love most about his work. You know it's his work when you look at it, undeniably, because you can connect with his face and his expression. It’s so proud and focused, just like he's really out hunting. 

I find with carving as intricate as this that if there's going to be something out of place it sticks out like a sore thumb. There’s nothing out of place here. It’s so masterfully done it inspires me to masterfully create.

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