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Glenn Gear - Inua Sea Can Installation - 2021
Glenn Gear Iluani/Silami (it's full of stars) (2021)
©The Artist

DQAP can help you access funding, tools, and knowledge to help your career - at any stage and wherever you are.

  • Funding - Receiving funding is crucial to sustain artistic practices, but it can be overwhelming and confusing to apply! DQAP can help you quickly sort through over 200 funding opportunities from across Canada and beyond (with more added all the time!) for artists working in all disciplines - and support you with resources to apply.
  • Workshops -Want to learn from other Inuit artists or hear directly from curators, dealers and editors about how to advance your career? DQAP hosts regular workshops about everything from how to make ulus to how to write an artist statement, and so much more. Plus, you can always access the archive of past workshops at your own convenience.
  • Career Opportunities - DQAP publishes up to date job postings, residencies, calls for submissions and commission opportunities across Canada monthly to help support your career. Never miss an opportunity again!
  • Connect wherever you are -DQAP works in lots of different internet conditions, including across Inuit Nunaat. Videos are also presented with transcripts and accompanying articles for easy access.

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Find a community of support through DQAP and connect with other Inuit artists to share, create and learn! Sign up to DQAP and set your profile as “open to connect” to meet other artists who might know where to get a specific material that you’ve been looking for, someone who has applied for a grant successfully, who is willing to give you tips, or who you might want to collaborate with!


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Folger Napatsi - Naming Comic
Gayle Uyagaqi Kabloona Helping Hands (2022)
Commissioned by Google
IAQ Issue 32

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The greatest assistance I had starting in the arts was to know a few people in the Inuit art world of whom I could ask questions. An Artist Portal that connects artists who have questions with those that can provide answers will prove to be an invaluable resource.

Eldred Allen
Photo of Eldred Allen

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Being able to make new connections with other artists is awesome. Having access to opportunities for Inuit artists is also amazing and I feel grateful for that.
Kailin Aleekuk