Through their art, Inuit speak to each other and to the world.

Many Inuit artists face unfair barriers to making and showcasing their work. It’s those barriers the Inuit Art Foundation seeks to break down.

There are more than 13,000 Inuit artists working in Canada right now. All of them deserve the same opportunities other artists have and to have their voices heard.

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Right now, Inuit artists face geographic barriers to reaching audiences. Many live and work in remote communities. Many have limited access to infrastructure, including internet and phone service. Getting to and from the North is difficult, so many artists do not have the same contact with patrons and galleries as other artists. There are no universities or art schools in the North, and so many artists do not have the same access to educational and training opportunities.

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Together, we can create opportunities for Inuit artists.

The Inuit Art Foundation is dedicated to helping create opportunities for Inuit artists and supporting them on their journeys from emerging to master artists. Donors make that possible.

Inuit Art Foundation programs are developed by and for Inuit, to serve Inuit needs across Inuit Nunangat, as well as urban Inuit throughout Canada.

The Inuit Art Foundation provides emerging and established artists with the tools and programming they need to chart the course of their own careers. This includes training and mentorship opportunities, access to markets, cultivation of the next generation of Inuit arts writers and critics and helping access grant opportunities for visual and performing artists.

Through all its activities, the Inuit Art Foundation seeks to empower Inuit, amplify their voices and ensure they have opportunities to succeed, which includes mentorship, internships and training opportunities.

All these opportunities are created with the support of caring and generous donors – people like you.

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Inuit Art Foundation Programs and Platforms

These platforms connect artists with each other, with opportunities, and with collectors and community.

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You can create opportunities for Inuit artists by giving.

With your support, Inuit artists can be seen on the world stage, alongside the best contemporary artists working around the globe today.

You can create transformative opportunities for Inuit artists.

You can launch careers.

You can bring Inuit art to the world.

Please give today.