Igloo Tag Licensees 

The Igloo Tag Trademark can only be used by authorized licensees. There are three categories that prospective licensees can apply for under the current Igloo Tag Program: artist association or non-profit organization, Inuit art retailer and Inuit art distributer. Each license holder is assigned a unique identification number that is printed on the back of the tags.

Apply for a License

Below is the list of authorized Igloo Tag Licensees, which includes the six active legacy and the newly signed licensees:

License #1: La Guilde – The Guild

License #2: La Fédération des Coopératives du Nouveau-Québec

License #3: Hudson’s Bay Company/North West Company

License #4: Arctic Co-operatives Limited/Canadian Arctic Producers

License #5: West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative/Dorset Fine Arts

License #6: Coppermine Collective

License #7: Government of Canada

License #8: Government of the North West Territories/Government of Nunavut

License #9: Central d’Artisanat du Québec

License #10: Canadian Arctic Cooperative Federation Ltd.

License #11: Nunavut Development Corporation

License #12: Carvings Nunavut

License #13: Winnipeg Art Gallery

License #14: The Snow Goose Ltd.

License #15: Inuit Gifts

License #16: Cape Dorset Inuit Art

License #17: Bay of Spirits