FAQ- duffytarralikcowofthesea
Tarralik Duffy Cow of the Sea (2015)

Who is eligible to sign up?

Inuit artists from across the Circumpolar North and Canada over 18 are eligible to become members. There will be a short verification period when signing up if you do not already have an active IAQ Profile with the IAF. 

I am Inuit from outside of Canada, can I join?

Yes of course! Inuit from outside of Canada can still join, but note that most of the content will be geared towards those living within Canada. 

How do we determine who is an Inuit Artist?

The IAF acknowledges that there are many complex histories and factors when it comes to confirming Indigenous identity. In order to keep Inuit perspectives and voices at the forefront of the Portal, the IAF follows the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami lead on determining Inuit identity. This means that at this time, NunatuKavut is unrecognized. 

When signing up for the Portal, there will be a short wait time while the IAF confirms a member's identity with the community. If you already have an IAQ Profile with us, you will be considered verified and will not need to wait. If, through our own research, we are unable to determine Inuit identity, we will ask the pending member to provide more information for verification. The verification process is not taken lightly, and there will never be a single person who determines a member’s ancestry/ identity. If our research is unable to verify the identity of a member, it is by no means denying Inuit heritage. Rather, we encourage the member to do more research and to apply again when they have more information. 

We acknowledge that there are many different ways to define an artist. We believe that a professional artist makes a significant ongoing commitment to developing their artistic practice, which can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. A person deemed an artist able to register on our Portal will have at least two (2) of the following attributes. If you do not have any of the following, but can advocate that you are creating artwork, please reach out to [email protected] with a description of your work, and we will review internally.

  • has developed skills through training or practice, consistent with the standards of their practice

  • is recognized by other artists working in the same art form as an artist 

  • is committed to their own artistic vision, retains creative control and is committed to the creation and/or promotion of original work.

  • has a history of public presentation in a professional context

  • Seeks payment for their work

  • Has created work, over a period of time, that is recognized by their community

Do we need Facebook to sign up? / How do I sign up?

You do not need Facebook to sign up. You can choose to use your Facebook to sign up, or you can sign up by email. 

What if I don’t have an art practice yet?

At this time, if you are not creating artwork, you will be unable to sign up for Portal access. However, please see our criteria for who is considered an artist to see if you qualify. If you can advocate that you are creating artwork, please reach out to [email protected] with a description of your work, and we will review internally. 

General Policies (anti harassment, racism, violence, artwork property, etc)

Before signing up, please see our Terms of Use and Anti-Violence policy here.

How do I indicate I want to connect with someone?

At this time, you are not able to directly message someone through the Portal. You are able to adjust your settings to show that you are interested in connecting with others and link your social media accounts. You can connect with others if they have also publicly linked their email or social media accounts.

Are any of the workshops in person?

Right now all of our workshops are virtual.

My internet is unreliable, can I still watch workshops after they’re completed?

Yes, all workshops will be available to watch at your convenience on the Portal. Certain workshops that we have done with partners might have a timeline for how long they will stay on the Portal, and that will be noted on the description.

My internet is unstable and I can’t watch videos, can I access information another way?

Each workshop will have a transcript provided (note that some of our older workshops may not have a transcript right away), and you will be able to access supporting documents as well. 

I am having issues with the website/ another artist/ logging in, who do I contact?

Please contact [email protected] 

I have a workshop idea for the Portal, who do I contact?

Please contact [email protected] 

What is in Inukitut? / Why is only a portion of the portal in Inukitut?

At this time, we are working on translating as much as we can into Inukitut. As this is a pilot project, we are working on receiving more funding to provide more translations. If you feel strongly, please email us and let us know so that we can provide funders with needs.

How do I know if other artists are open to connect?/ How can I tell if other artists on the Portal?

When you go to an artist profile while logged in, there will be options to connect via social media or email that only you can see as an artist. If you do not see these options, it means that either the artist is not open to connect, or is not using the Portal.