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Alberta Williams
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Born and raised in Treaty 7 Territory, in Calgary, AB, Alberta Williams finds passion in art, food, politics and social issues. These interests are expressed through her many mediums as well as engagement with community organizations and events. As an Inuvialuit person growing up in a predominantly white community, she has often felt a sense of displacement but found a connection to her culture through her mother and traditional practices. Often working with reclaimed or rescued materials in her art making, Williams takes an intuitive and mindful approach to art. In part, this is a conscious choice regarding the amount of rampant waste in our capitalist/consumerist society, as well as a symbolic gesture adding to the reclamation of identity. 

As a contemporary Inuit artist, social issues pertaining to Indigeneity as well as loss and personal history are often represented in her work. The need to create work like this is to focus on evolving activism that seeks to generate dialogue and awareness about the current and historical aspects influencing Indigenous people, as well as other groups of marginalized individuals and problems to generate opportunities for more inclusive and supportive societies.

Williams graduated from ACAD in the spring of 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art (with distinction), majoring in painting. During her time at ACAD (Now Alberta University of the Arts), Williams acted as the director of the Indigenous Student's club in her fourth year, won the third year Painting Award, had her art featured as the ACAD holiday card and won an Indspire Bursary. From there, Williams went to Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity for eighteen months for a prepatorial practicum in the Walter Phillips Gallery. During her time there, she received mentorship from Curators Peta Rake, Jacqueline Bell and Head Preparator Mimmo Maiolo. She also had the opportunity to co-facilitate a beading workshop with Kablusiak, and participate in the Inherent Right to Self Governance Indigenous Leadership program and was a part of the Indigenous working group on campus. 

Afterwards, Williams worked as an Indigenous youth mentor for Alberta's Future Leaders, and currently works for Inuit Art Foundation as a Community Liaison as well as continuing her own art practice based in Calgary, Alberta.

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Curatorial, Film, Graphic Arts, Installation, Jewellery, Painting, Photography, Sculpture

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Calgary, AB

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Calgary, AB

Planetary, 2020


Togo, 2019

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