Brian Rogers

Rogers currently works as a sewing instructor at the Inuvialuit Cultural Centre owned by the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation in Inuvik, NT. Nungkii has been sewing since he was 16. He is well known throughout the Inuvialuit Region for his beaded slippers and parka covers. As well as working on his beadwork he teaches others in his community.

Nungkii took the lead of the Inuvik Drummers and Dancers at the age of 19, leading the drum dance group. The Inuvik Drummers and Dancers are known globally and nationally performing at the Elder's Conference in Edmonton in 2017. In 2015, the Inuvik Drummers attended the Barrow Alaska’s Kivik Messengers Feast while surrounding groups celebrated a strong whale harvest. They also performed at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. In 2004, Nungkii and the drum dance group were a part of collaboration CD called Uummarmiut with their songs of the Delta Region. His leadership skills, respect, humor and his genuine personality make him successful as a leader and mentor for anyone who wants to learn.


About Brian Rogers


Dance, Music, Performance, Textile

Artistic Community:

Inuvik, NT



Date of Birth:

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