Malaya Kisa-Knickelbein

Malaya Kisa-Knickelbein


Malaya Kisa-Knickelbein is an emerging digital artist, jeweller and tattoo artist based in Iqaluit, NU. Using smooth, dark lines, Kisa-Knickelbein illustrates everything from stylized portraits, to sealskins stretching in the open air, which she shares with friends and family on her social media platforms. Creating art since her school days, she grew up inspired by family members that worked as printmakers in Panniqtuuq (Pangnirtung), NU, as well as by multi-disciplinary craft techniques she learned throughout her education. Armed with her iPad and the support of her friends and family, she is dedicated to developing a unique artistic voice all her own that is decidedly contemporary while incorporating traditional elements and imagery. Kisa-Knickelbein's line work also translates over into her tattoo practice, which she has been developing since the summer of 2020 and creates both traditional and contemporary tattoos using a hand poke method. 

Additionally in 2020, Kisa-Knickelbein also discovered and nurtured her love of beading and now creates long, beaded earrings, which she currently gives as gifts while she is learning. As she continues to learn and perfect her craft, she is constantly developing new patterns and colour combinations to use in her jewellery making and would eventually like to use her artistic production to help fundraise for different programs in her community.

“I just want to give back to Nunavut,” she says of her future plans, “I would like to be able to work to raise money for schools, kitchens and other programs in my area.” [1]

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Beadwork, Drawing, Jewellry

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Iqaluit, NU

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