Megan Hunt

Megan Hunt


Based in Iqaluit, NU, emerging illustrator and animator Megan Hunt first discovered her love of art in high school, which led her to pursue concept art and animation in her post secondary studies. Trained in both analogue and digital art, Hunt prefers to draw cartoons and create characters. Inspired by a wide range of artistic styles, her work is heavily influenced by the art of famous studios such as Marvel, Studio Ghilbi, Pixar and Dreamworks and cites the art of films such as Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse and even the music video for “Take on Me” by the iconic 80s band a-ha as being tremendously influential.

“My main motivation right now is to develop my style,” she says of her early career, “I’m inspired by animated films, shows, and music videos. I love seeing the concept art and work behind these creations. I also enjoy seeing traditional 2D animation, and 3D/GG animation. I’m also inspired by my teachers for pushing their students to work hard and be passionate about this art form.” [1]

Hunt’s work was featured in an online article about the history of snow goggles, “The First Sunglasses Were Not Made For Beaches” in Field Tripping in March 2020.  Currently, she is working with the Government of Nunavut in the Department of Education and is open to commissions for her work.

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Animation, Digital Design, Drawing

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Iqaluit, NU

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